I'm Ryan, a 20 year old World of Warcraft/Pokemon/Mario/Super Smash Bros/Roosterteeth fanboy. I also sometimes play this game called League of Legends.

League IGN: Zekial


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And Nien left CLG. The CLG fan struggle continues.



wow itโ€™s actually true wtf

If you use the excuse “it’s just a game” after a loss, then fuck you.

People don’t say “it’s just a movie” or “it’s just a show” or “it’s just a book” to someone, so what makes video games any different?

I’m sorry I’m competitive, I’m sorry that when I win it makes me feel like I accomplished something.

When it’s a game I’ve invested a lot of time and money into, and a game that I’m actually interested enough to watch the professional scene as if it was the NFL/NBA, then it’s more than a game to me.